About Us

Designed with Martial Artists in Mind

Black Belt Assistant was created by Seth Adams, a Karate Teacher who had experienced the struggles of having students expand on their skills at home. 

"I googled it but it was different than you teach it!" 

"I was going to practice at home but I couldn't remember what was on the test!"

"Wait, we learned something new this week?"

This app SOLVES that problem

Efficient Practicing at Home  

By being able to put in a schools UNIQUE techniques, moves, katas, forms and MORE, students will be able to go home and practice at home with CONFIDENCE!

A Great Addition to the Martial Arts Experience!

Since each instructor has their own specific code and control of who can access their information, all knowledge is private and personalized to their program! By using the app its like having a private lesson at home!

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BBA- Welcome to Increased Performance!

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