Frequently Asked Questions!

"What do I get for free once I download the app?"
Once you download, as a Student, you are provided with everything your instructor provides EXCEPT video.
"How much does Black Belt Assistant cost instructors?"
At the moment, usage of the BBA App only costs instructors $10 a month!
"How much does the video access cost?"
Video access is subscription based and only costs students $5 a month!
"What if my students put something other than their actual belt rank?"
Instructors will have the ability to monitor student profiles and see their students expertise levels along with if thee are enrolled in video access. Instructors  can also delete students who are no longer in their program.
"What if I get a new belt or advance to a more difficult class?"
Students always have access to their own expertise level and can change it at any time!
"How long will it take for instructors to put in all of their requirements?"
Including videos, an instructor should be able to put all necessary information into the app within a weekend!
"How do instructors make money off of video access?"
Instructors earn 70% of the video access revenue, which is credited to the card used to pay their monthly BBA usage fee!
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