How it works!


Create a Student Profile and enter your instructors code to be linked to their Profile and requirements!


Create a School/Instructor Profile with Unique Code to be used by your students!

Input your current Belt/Expertise Level! (Don't fib, or the instructors will see!)

Input all Belts, Rankings, or Expertise Levels. Students will select from these to get their necessary information. 

Once you put in your expertise, you have access to all of the requirements (your instructor supplied) that you need to practice at home!

Click each move to get a detailed explanation! With video access (in-app purchase) you get access to an instructor uploaded video for each move!

Put in all necessary requirements, techniques, forms, katas, etc. that students need to practice at home for their expertise level!

For each move, input the title, tips on execution, level of expertise and even upload a video directly from your phone!  

Receive notifications straight from your instructor, and see past announcements too!

Post necessary announcements to be sent directly to students notifications! 

Monitor Students by checking their belt levels, completed techniques and whether or not they have video access!

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